Wednesday, February 5, 2014

The advantages of working for 2 companies at the same time

Many companies deny their employees to have a second workplace, or work as freelancers in the professional domain as their main job. Other corporations have an approval procedure,  and each employee must declare any other job he or she wants to take. If the company decides that the job may conflict with its interests, it may deny the employee to accept it.
What companies rarely consider are the reciprocal benefits. I had 2 workplaces almost all my career. Right now I work for Syneto and in my free time I write for NetTuts. This is great for everyone. I can write great articles based on my experience at Syneto. Syneto benefits of me becoming a better programmer with each article or course I make. Explaining my ideas greatly improves my knowledge on that specific domain because I need to dive into details about it.
So, I learn more and better, Syneto gets better code and NetTuts better articles.

Everyone wins.

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